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Diffraction Lab Basic

3D real-time simulation of diffraction and interference in wave optics
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25 February 2011

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If you are student of advanced science, sometimes, for creating certain special professional projects or a presentation or to submit an assignment you may require applications which can create exceptional 3D simulations. Diffraction Lab Basic 1.1 is a wonderful, and well designed software which is an expert when it comes to helping you come up with such creations. Now, you don`t have to seek any outside help for you work; just open up your system and start working. With the help of this smart tool you can easily create a large variety of 3D simulations for different particulars and make your presentation or assignment look complete and impressive.

Diffraction Lab Basic 1.1 is a specially designed application which can generate great 2D/3D simulations of wave diffraction. It has a very interactive and user friendly interface which allows multi window viewing. It is well equipped with proficient features which make your working on the program easy and fast. It has adjustable lattice parameters, crystal rotation, and wavelength. You can create diffraction from crystal structures and other diversely shaped objects with accuracy and get high quality resultant output. It has 5 two dimensional and 14 three dimensional Bravais lattices, 5 crystal lattices, laue transmission and other useful features which affords the possibility for you to experiment with your projects. The stimulations create diffraction patterns for the Fraunhofer limit, Fresnel limit, and intermediate values. You can also use numerical data from the diffraction patterns for an experimental setup that can be compared with the wave diffraction theory.

Diffraction Lab Basic 1.1 is a great application which can be used for creating a variety of scientific and educational presentations. It makes sure that you work with great speed while the quality of the output is not compromised. We give it four points out of five on our rating scale for its insightful prowess.

Publisher's description

Diffraction Lab Basic is a real-time 3D simulation of wave diffraction in a lab bench setup. It demonstrates diffraction from a square aperture, square array of point sources and two and three point sources on a circle. The simulation generates diffraction patterns for the Fresnel limit, Fraunhofer limit and any intermediate value. Numerical data can be taken from the diffraction patterns so it provides an experimental setup to compare against wave diffraction theory.
Runs on XP and higher with graphics that supports Direct3D 9 or better and vertex shader 3 and pixel shader 3.
Diffraction Lab Basic
Diffraction Lab Basic
Version 1.1
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